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Choc on Choc Half Dozen Chocolate Filled Eggs and Chocolate Toast

It seems like this is the year that the "chocolate dipping egg" has fully taken off. Although Cadbury's have had their Egg & Spoon products on the shelves for a couple of years now, the recent launch of the Oreo Egg & Spoon, which I will be reviewing soon, seems to have brought the product to a lot of people's attention, well it seems to be the case on social media anyway!!

Choc on Choc Half Dozen Chocolate Filled Eggs and Chocolate Toast

That's why I was extremely excited when I was contacted about reviewing one of Choc on Choc's new Easter products. I've tried a few of Choc on Choc's products in the past, with their range generally focusing on novelty solid chocolate shapes, therefore I was excited to see that these Half Dozen Chocolate Eggs also had an additional component in the form of a chocolate filling, which you get to fully enjoy with the chocolate toast pieces that accompany the eggs!

Choc on Choc Half Dozen Chocolate Filled Eggs and Chocolate Toast

Described as "six life-size chocolate eggs filled with chocolate ganache, and chocolate toast soldiers for dipping". Opening up the box I was met with 6 good size chocolate eggs with the top of the egg being a separate piece from the egg body. On lifting off the chocolate top underneath there is the white chocolate egg centre which according to Choc on Choc can be "tapped open to expose the thick, gooey, chocolate sauce in the centre", which you can then use the chocolate toast pieces to dip in.

I excitedly took off the top of my first egg and tapped on the white chocolate centre piece with my piece of chocolate toast. Nothing. I tapped again. Still nothing. This definitely isn't a "tapping" job but more a push hard and the white chocolate piece will eventually cave in to unveil the chocolate filling. Now on the description online it has two versions of what the inside is - one says "chocolate sauce" the other says "chocolate ganache"; this is most definitely not a ganache but a runny chocolate sauce, mainly made with glucose syrup and cocoa powder.

Choc on Choc Half Dozen Chocolate Filled Eggs and Chocolate Toast

It was now time to dip a piece of chocolate toast, the chocolate sauce easily coats the piece without too much effort, allowing you to eat it in much the same you would if you were having bread egg and soldiers. Once you've finished your toast soldier you're free to spoon out the rest of the filling and eat the chocolate egg shell! The egg shell itself is fairly thick and sturdy, meaning you get a good decent chunk of Belgian chocolate to finish off the eat! My only couple of qualms are that I felt the white chocolate topping piece was a bit too thick to break through, a bit rough around the edges, and that you only get 4 toast pieces when there are 6 eggs, which means if you were going to share them with people then not everyone would get a chocolate soldier. Which doesn't make complete sense.

Choc on Choc Half Dozen Chocolate Filled Eggs and Chocolate Toast

In terms of chocolate quality it's going to be a Belgian chocolate that will please the masses, fairly creamy and not too sweet and really easy to eat! I think the chocolate sauce would have probably been a bit nicer had it been a ganache as it does taste a bit "syrupy" and not as good quality as it probably could be.

However overall I still think these are a really fun, novelty product for Easter. I definitely know that I was pleased to receive them and imagine that many others would also feel the same with their almost interactive component they are great to eat and a fun twist on a classic breakfast dish. With a bit of refinement I think these could be even better!

Taste - 6.9/10 - Creamy Belgian chocolate, slightly sickly/syrupy chocolate sauce but still pleasant.
Texture - 6.3/10 - White chocolate top was way too thick to break without making a bit of a mess, certainly no "tapping". Filling would have been nicer as a smooth ganache I think.

Appearance - 8.2/10 - Look good and really fun to eat.
Price - 6.0/10 - £15.00 for 6 eggs and soldiers, weighing in at around 600g chocolate in total means they're fairly good value for money at £2.50 per 100g.
Overall - 6.9/10 - A fun, different, novelty Easter product that with a bit of refinement could be amazing!

Would make a great Easter gift for kids and big kids alike, they're perfect for someone looking for something a bit different to your standard Easter egg.

Online at Choc on Choc's website here

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