Friday, 3 February 2017

Dove Strawberry & Cocoa Almond

As part of my Christmas present from Amy @ AmySeeksNewTreats I received this tasty looking bag of Dove Strawberry & Cocoa Almond. Now if you're thinking that the styling of the packaging and font looks somewhat similar that would be because 'Dove' is the American equivalent of 'Galaxy' (so this is an import). However I'm fairly sure that the Dove brand offer a lot more bagged products such as this.

Dove Strawberry & Cocoa Almond

Before I looked properly at the packaging I had the preempted notion that these would be milk chocolate (what Galaxy in the UK is most often associated with) covered dried strawberry pieces and cocoa dusted almonds. I was only right about one part of this statement. Closer inspection of the packaging revealed that in fact was "Strawberry flavoured cranberries in Dove dark chocolate with cocoa dusted almonds". I really hoped that what with cranberries naturally being quite tart and sour paired with the more bitter dark chocolate that these wouldn't make for a sour/bitter eat.

Opening the bag up it was good to see that there was a good mixture of large dark chocolate coated cranberry pieces and cocoa dusted almonds; there's nothing worse when a mix is described on the pack and one component is significantly more heavily weighted in the bag. Although the cranberry pieces are around 2x bigger than the almonds.

Dove Strawberry & Cocoa Almond

I was pleasantly surprised biting into a dried cranberry piece, it had been thickly coated in dark chocolate and there was a slight sweetness of strawberry that helped add sweetness to the eat (although I would have preferred real strawberry pieces but I guess they're more expensive). The dark chocolate isn't the best of quality but anyone buying these for the purpose of "tasting notes" and a high quality dark chocolate experience probably isn't purchasing correctly. You can definitely tell it's dark but it's not so bitter that it will put off the average consumer, akin to Cadbury's Bourneville.

Dove Strawberry & Cocoa Almond

The cocoa dusted almonds added a lovely crunchy textural contrast to the slightly chewy cranberry pieces and have been coated in a lighter cocoa powder as to not make them too bitter and were delicious to break up the flavour of the fruity strawberry cranberry with a more savoury/sweet nut.

I found I enjoyed these way more than I thought I would, they're pretty moreish and they made a good topping for oats/yoghurt etc. It also got me thinking that in this country none of the major commercial chocolate companies really offer anything like this that I'm aware of, maybe it would be nice to take fruit and nut into bag format!

Taste - 6.0/10 - Lightly flavoured strawberry cranberries in a dark chocolate that will please the masses that pairs well with the nutty cocoa dusted almonds.
Texture - 6.7/10 - Chewy paired with crunchy.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - Pieces are of a good size.

Price - N.A/10 - I'm not sure what Amy paid for these
Overall - 6.4/10 - Fairly easy to eat, inoffensive fruit and nut chocolate product and something a bit different compared to what the standard commercial chocolate companies in the UK offer.

A good snacking chocolate product, those who are a fan of fruit & nut/trail mix style products.

I'm not sure where Amy bought these from but I'd imagine that certain import stores may stock them or if you're based in the U.S. your local supermarket.

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