Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Happy Mail Candy Grotto

I love it when I come across new, fun chocolate products. Although I like my single origin bars, artisan ganaches and truffles there's a part of me that absolutely adores novelty chocolate products, especially if they taste good too.

The Happy Mail Candy Grotto   

I remember just before Christmas coming across a company called The Happy Mail on Instagram, wide eyed I scrolled through the amazing looking products - Christmas Tree Pizza Chocolate Lollies, Chocolate Dipped Biscuits, Candy Grottoes...there were so many amazing looking products, all handmade, to buy online. So when asked by a family member for present ideas I directed them to the website and asked them to choose me something.

The Happy Mail Candy Grotto

Now I know you might be thinking isn't this a bit late for a Christmas review, well no because I'm reviewing the concept of the company and although this product is Christmas themed per se there are products which are similar, such as Charms Super Slab, that you can get year round.

The Happy Mail Candy Grotto
Opening this I couldn't help but notice how visually stunning it is, so colourful and fun looking, decorated with a variety of sweets, sprinkles and a cute light green white chocolate gingerbread man. My idea of absolute cute, novelty heaven!

The product is made with Belgian white chocolate, so certainly isn't really cheap stuff and is really thick. It certainly was a generous portion and although there was no weight on the pack, so I'm not entirely sure how much this weighed, I'd guess around 300g.

The Happy Mail Candy Grotto
I loved how every time you would snap a piece off you would get a slightly different eat. Although the base is a lovely creamy, good quality rich Belgian white chocolate - thankfully no throat cloying sweetness, depending on what area of the house you ate you would get a slightly different experience, whether this be from the peppermint candy cane, dolly mixtures, foamy shrimp or milk bottle. 

The Happy Mail Candy Grotto

I absolutely love when cute, novelty products also live up to expectations when it comes to flavour. This product was not only fun to look at but also really fun to eat and it went far too quickly for my liking (always a good sign that I've really enjoyed something). Although you might not be able to get this exact product from The Happy Mail now they do have lots of other similar offerings - mainly The Charms Super Slab and Scoff Trough Junk Mail but to be honest I'd love to try so many of their products, the biscuit adorned Tea Time Scoff Trough Junk Mail looks particularly appealing. Fun and delicious - yes please!

Taste - 8.5/10 - Creamy Belgian white chocolate, loved how every bite was different depending on which sweets you ate.
Texture - 7.5/10 - Smooth melt, wide variety of textures from the different toppings. Nice crunch added from the sprinkles, slight chewiness from the sweets.
Appearance - 10/10 - I'm not sure whether I've ever given anything a 10/10 for appearance on here and if I have it certainly doesn't happen very often but what can I say this is so much fun and visually stunning!

Price - 8.0/10 - Priced at £6.50 this was an absolute bargain!!
Overall - 8.5/10 - In love with The Happy Mail's products! So much fun!

Would make a great gift for any chocolate lover who appreciates novelty/unusual gifts. You can also get bespoke/personalised options made!


Although you can't buy this specific product as it was just a Christmas special, I urge you to check out the other products online from The Happy Mail's website here.

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