Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Japanese KitKat : Purple Sweet Potato

Another venture today into the world of obscure Japanese KitKat flavours - Purple Sweet Potato, one of the flavours, I must admit, I was most excited about trying. I haven't ever actually eaten a  purple sweet potato before, but apparently according to Google they're not as sweet as their orange counterpart, so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of flavour.

Japanese KitKat - Purple Sweet Potato

The packaging shows a Mont Blanc style patisserie item, but with purple sweet potato puree as opposed to chestnut, and as with all of the Japanese KitKat comes in a small 2 finger treat-size portion.

The purple sweet potato flavour is blended into a white chocolate base giving a light lilac colour to the KitKat, making for a lovely visual. However I felt this was where the positives broke down a little bit as in terms of flavour it doesn't really deliver much at all.

Japanese KitKat - Purple Sweet Potato

It offers a light sweet eat, with a hint of something "else", but that "else" is rather hard to define and if I hadn't known it was purple sweet potato there's no way I would have guessed that. It's rather nondescript and doesn't offer much in terms of a unique flavour. Fairly disappointing in the flavour stakes to be honest, I feel that it could have been so much better.

Japanese KitKat - Purple Sweet Potato

If you're in Japan or looking to pick up some Japanese KitKat online there most certainly are a lot better ones out there. Thankfully I only purchased a smaller 3 pack as opposed to one of the larger sharing bags!

Taste - 4.3/10 - Pretty disappointing to be honest, not awful by any means but doesn't massively taste of anything.
Texture - 7.3/10 - Classic light KitKat wafer paired with a good coating of chocolate.
Appearance - 7.9/10 - Really pretty lilac colour.
Price - 5.0/10 - For a pack of 3 mini KitKat I think I paid the equivalent of around £1.50. Not bad at all but certainly better KitKat to purchase.

Overall - 6.1/10
- A good start to the many Japanese KitKat flavours I have to try!

WHO FOR?If you're interested in trying all of the different Japanese KitKat it might be worth still giving it a go; however I can't massively recommend it from a flavour perspective.

I bought them from a store in Tokyo Station in the First Avenue area near Ramen Street but as my holiday went on I also ended up seeing them at a shop in Tokyo Skytree and a store in Odaiba Decks Mall. However you can also purchase the larger 12 pack from Japan Centre for the cheap (ahem) price of £16.45 here.

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