Thursday, 1 June 2017

Glico Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

When in Japan I always got fairly excited when I popped into another convenience store and stumbled across a new chocolate product that I hadn't seen anywhere else (I mean I wasn't entirely sure whether these Caplico Hearts were going to be chocolate but the base of the heart on the image looked like milk chocolate so here's hoping right?!).

Glico Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

When I eventually got round to trying them I was relieved to find that they were in fact chocolate (and thankfully not some sort of pickled radish as per another horrific experience of snack confusion). The chocolate hearts came presented in a plastic tray, 12 in total, and popping one out you could clearly see that it was a layer of strawberry chocolate sitting atop a milk chocolate layer.

Glico Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

Biting into one I was delighted to find that the chocolate was aerated and bubbly, akin to eating an Aero. In fact these reminded me exactly of the Aero Strawberry I reviewed a couple of years ago, the strawberry flavour had that similar, slightly artificial yet light and fruity notes - akin to drinking a strawberry Nesquik.The milk chocolate was fairly nondescript but it did the job of stopping the eat become too sickly and provided a nice counter balance.

Glico Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

I found these to be incredibly moreish and loved the fact they came as individual pieces as opposed to a large block or bar of chocolate. It meant that if you really wanted to it was quite easy to save some for later...I mean if you had the will power. The dainty size of them also made them great for topping desserts/oats etc with. Most definitely one of my highlight purchases from Japan.

Glico Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

Taste - 7.6/10
- Nice balance between sweet, fruity strawberry and a light milk chocolate.
Texture - 8.9/10 - Lovely, light aerated texture which made them so easy to eat and just melted in the mouth.
Appearance - 9.0/10 - Cute packaging, liked the fact they were individually portioned.
Price - 8.0/10 - I can't remember exactly what I paid for them but I'm pretty sure they were around the £1.00 mark.
Overall - 8.4/10 - Nothing too fancy but pretty tasty.


Anyone looking for a fun, tasty, unpretentious chocolate treat. Can imagine kids (and big kids like myself) would love these!


I bought mine in a convenience store in Japan.

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