Saturday, 10 June 2017

Mars Bar Choc Brownie

I was fairly excited when I read that Mars were launching a new limited edition chocolate brownie bar, that is until I read the description "thick chocolate nougat with dark caramel", nothing particularly sounded "brownie-esque" about it and it sounded strangely familiar to the Mars Triple Choc and Mars Xtra Choc that have been launched previously. However I wasn't going to judge a book by it's cover and held on to the hope that it would taste different.

Mars Choc Brownie

It looks like a fairly standard Mars bar on the outside but cutting a piece off you can clearly see that the nougat and caramel are darker than standards but looked fairly similar from memory to the previous two chocolate versions.

Mars Choc Brownie

Eating this against a standard Mars you can most definitely tell the difference with Mars Choc Brownie having a much richer/deeper flavour, both from the chocolate nougat and the darker caramel, which had slight molasses notes.However I did slightly notice a raw "cocoa powdery" flavour to the nougat, which although initially didn't bother me I found became slightly unpleasant as I ate more of the bar.

Mars Choc Brownie

Would I choose it over a standard Mars bar? Probably not, the thing is with limited edition products I want them to offer a real point of difference and I feel that this is a rehashed version of a bar that has already been launched twice over. 

Mars Choc Brownie

I just wish Mars would be more innovative, even using a white chocolate coating on the bar akin to the Snickers White Chocolate would have been something  different and surely flavouring the nougat to something other than chocolate can't be that hard! I'd love to see a mint or cookies and cream version.

Mars Choc Brownie

I would hardly call Mars Choc Brownie a "new twist on a chocolate classic" more "a clever marketing ploy to use a very similar recipe and resell it as something new". I really hope this version isn't released again.

Taste - 6.0/10 - Not awful tasting just not particularly inspiring either.
Texture - 6.9/10 - Standard Mars bar texture.
Appearance - 6.0/10 - Fairly standard.
Price - 5.9/10 - I paid 60p for this single bar, not expensive but there's better bars out there for the price.
Overall - 6.2/10 - Not really pushing the boundaries of innovation but if you haven't tried the Mars Xtra Choc or Mars Triple Chocolate when they've been out previously it may be worth giving a go.

If you're looking for something really "chocolatey" and "sweet" and aren't going to be disappointed by the lack of innovation.


I picked this up at my local newsagents but I've heard that bigger packs of 4 are being sold in Poundland.

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