Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Mydorable Palaces

I reviewed the Mydorable Bon Bon Voyage box earlier this year and was thoroughly impressed, so when I was recently contacted for the opportunity to review the Mydorable Palaces box - containing 12 praline chocolates made by "one of the finest French artisan chocolatiers", well I jumped at the chance!! As you may know from reading the blog pralines are my favourite type of chocolate.

Mydorable Palaces

The chocolates arrived in a beautifully presented red box wrapped with a Mydorable ribbon and opening it up I was greeted with 12 delicious looking chocolates - 6 dark and 6 milk. There were no details of what any of the chocolates were, which I felt was a shame, I always like a menu descriptor but looking on the website I at least found information of what chocolates were contained in the box - even if it wasn't clear which one was which.

As previously mentioned they're all pralines, which I found out from the Mydorable website were made with either almonds/hazelnuts/pistachios or a blend of two of these nuts.

Mydorable Palaces

Taking my first bite of one of the chocolates I was seriously impressed, the praline filling wasn't like anything I've really experienced before, in the sense that you can almost see the specks of ground nuts throughout yet it was still delightfully smooth and melt in the mouth. The balance between sweet/nutty is spot on, with the sugar almost acting like a seasoning on the nuts, enhancing the flavour.

Mydorable Palaces

I found this to be the case with all of the chocolates in the box, I enjoyed every single one, particularly enjoying the flaky/feuilletine style praline.

Mydorable Palaces

The praline filling is encased in either milk or dark chocolate, both which were delicious, the dark chocolate wasn't too bitter whilst the milk chocolate was wonderfully creamy.

Mydorable Palaces

If you're a praline lover like myself I can't recommend these enough - I see why they were voted as "the best praline ever during blind-tests in France"; they're absolutely delicious and most definitely up there with some of the nicest pralines I've tried. 

Taste - 9.0/10 - Sublime tasting pralines, really well balanced.
Texture - 8.5/10 - Smooth and melt in the mouth, flaky pralines offered a nice textural contrast.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - Look lovely, feel that the box could have benefited from a menu however.

Price - 8.0/10 - Priced at £14 for 12 chocolates this is excellent value for money for such high quality.
Overall - 8.2/10 - A delicious box of chocolates.

Any praline lovers!

You can purchase them online from Mydorable's website here or if you fancy winning yourself a box make sure to check out the competition I'm running on Instagram - @natalie.a.t

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