Thursday, 15 June 2017

Nestlé Butterfinger Cups Coconut

When I think of Butterfinger I think of the classic peanut butter + chocolate combination, the answer from Nestlé to rival that of Hershey's Reeses, which until now has only been available as a US import in the UK. Well not anymore with the launch of two Butterfinger brand products to the UK market! One being classic peanut butter cups and the other being these coconut cups.

Nestle Butterfinger Cups Coconut

I must admit I was fairly surprised to see a coconut variety considering the rest of Butterfinger's brand revolves around chocolate + peanut butter. However I was excited to try it, especially with the only other mainstream chocolate + coconut offering being Bounty, which despite being a lover of most things coconut I'm not a fan of due to the dry, gritty texture.

Nestle Butterfinger Cups Coconut

Sold in packs of 4 meant "to share", ahem, they're described as "moist coconut flavoured centre with desiccated coconut (4%) in a chocolate flavoured cup". Two things slightly perturbed me about this description :
1) the use of the word "moist", I get what Nestl
é are trying to say that it won't be dry and gritty like a Bounty but did they really have to use the word moist?!
2) "chocolate flavoured", meaning that it doesn't have enough cocoa solids it in it to be declared as chocolate

Nestle Butterfinger Cups Coconut Cutting the cups in half I was pleased to see that the filling was soft and smooth and the ratios between chocolate:filling looked good. Trying a piece I must admit I was pretty impressed, granted it's not the best quality chocolate but if you're buying these you're not looking for a top end chocolate bar, you're looking for something, sweet, tasty and enjoyable. Which is exactly what these are, they're not too sweet and the coconut flavour is really pleasant and not artificial tasting in the slightest.

Nestle Butterfinger Cups Coconut

I found the texture to be spot on, there's no dry grittiness but the filling is smooth and easy to eat with the desiccated coconut blending into the filling as opposed to becoming obtrusive and sticking in your teeth. I'm so glad that Butterfinger decided to venture into using a different flavour other than peanut butter as these are spot on.

Taste - 8.5/10 - Really good coconut flavour, light and pleasant.
Texture - 8.8/10  - Smooth and unobtrusive, melt in the mouth. Much preferred to Bounty.
Appearance - 7.9/10 - Fairly standard looking, I do wonder why Butterfinger have opted for packs of 4 rather than 2 though.

Price - 8.4/10 - £1 for a pack of 4 makes them 25p per cup.
Overall - 8.4/10 - A tasty new offering from Nestl
WHO FOR?Chocolate + coconut lovers, especially if you're not a fan of the texture of Bounty.

The only place I've currently seen them is Asda.

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