Thursday, 13 July 2017

Nestle Chocolate Blond

I went through a stage of absolutely adoring caramelised white chocolate a couple of years back, when Valrhona launched their Dulcey bar, finding those sweet, almost dulce de leche undertones blending into the white chocolate absolute heaven. It's very rare to come across a mainstream caramelised white chocolate bar in this country, with the nearest thing being Caramac..but I most certainly wouldn't put that under the same umbrella. So when a friend was recently on holiday and sent me a photograph of the chocolate shelf in the local supermarket and I spotted this bar...well let's say I kindly asked him if he would get me one to bring back.  

Nestle Chocolate Blond  

Like Caramac this bar is made by Nestl
é but as it was a special edition bar I was hoping that it would be a bit more special and have more of those caramelised flavours that I look for. Described as "a delicious sweet caramelised flavor with a creamy texture and a soft golden color" I was really hoping it was going to live up to my expectations.

Nestle Chocolate Blond

Unwrapping it I was immediately pleased, the colour was much darker than Caramac, suggesting a deeper, caramelised flavour with a much stronger caramel and toffee aroma.
This most definitely came through on the eat, it was so much better than Caramac and much more akin to the caramelised white chocolate bars I've tried in the past.

Nestle Chocolate Blond

It's sweet, no doubt about that, but it has a wonderful caramelised flavour, reminiscent of dulce de leche. You can tell that it's meant to be caramelised as opposed to just caramel as it has that slight bitter back note to it and a deeper, stronger flavour.

Nestle Chocolate Blond

The melt was smooth and easy to eat, melting easily in the mouth to unleash it's caramelised flavours. I was pretty impressed for a mainstream bar, I just wish Nestlé in the UK would replace Caramac with this as it's infinitely better. I'm really wishing I'd asked for more than just one bar...

Taste - 8.1/10 - Sweet caramelised dulce de leche notes blending into creamy white chocolate.
Texture - 7.5/10 - Smooth melt, easy to eat.
Appearance - 7.4/10 - Bar looks nice enough and came foil wrapped in the card box.
Price - 8.3/10
- I'm sure my friend paid around €2 for this 120g bar, an absolute steal.
Overall - 7.8/10 - Praying this gets launched in the U.K at some point.

Caramelised white chocolate lovers.


My friend bought this in Ibiza so I'm guessing it may be available around Spain + the Spanish islands if you're jetting off there this summer!

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