Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Grown Up Chocolate Company Heavenly Whole Hazelnut Praline Cups

It's been quite some time since I've had any of The Grown Up Chocolate Company's products; I reviewed some of their bars a while back and was pretty impressed with how good they were, so I was excited to hear that they had released a new range of chocolate cups - packs of 6, small individual chocolates, less like Reese's cups more like chocolates you would find in a box of chocolates.
The Grown Up Chocolate Company Heavenly Whole Hazelnut Praline Cups

I was lucky enough to be sent some of these to review recently and will be kicking off things with the review of these Heavenly Whole Hazelnut Praline Cups - the description sounded about right to me, these sounded like utter heaven. As anyone who reads the blog often knows I'm a huge hazelnut praline fan.

  The Grown Up Chocolate Company Heavenly Whole Hazelnut Praline Cups

For some reason I was surprised when I saw these were milk chocolate when I opened the box, I don't know why but I was under the presumption these would be white, maybe it was as they sell a hazelnut praline bar coated in white chocolate or it could have been my subconscious mistaking 'whole' for 'white'.
The Grown Up Chocolate Company Heavenly Whole Hazelnut Praline Cups

Either way they still looked delicious, small milk chocolate cups drizzled with dark chocolate and a prominent whole hazelnut creating a small bump in the centre of the chocolate. Cutting one in half they definitely fit their description of "six deliciously smooth praline cups with whole hazelnut and crispy rice crunch".  You could clearly see the layers within the chocolate and rather than the crispy rice crunch being dispersed throughout the praline it appeared as a separate layer on the bottom adding a nice crisp texture contrast to the smooth, melt in the mouth praline and the crunchy hazelnut.

The chocolate itself was really well balanced and definitely ticked all the boxes for a praline lover like myself, the perfect blend between sweet and nutty, with a good quality milk chocolate encasing the whole thing. Delicious.

Taste - 8.7/10 - Gorgeous hazelnut praline. Not sickly sweet, a really good, rich, sumptuous hazelnut flavour.
Texture - 8.4/10 - Nice contrast between the smooth praline, crispy rice and crunchy hazelnut.
Appearance - 7.0/10 - I've always loved the marketing behind The Grown Up Chocolate Company and think the packaging really makes it stand out, my only qualm is these wouldn't typically be what I would expect from a 'cup', they're more just like a standard chocolate.
Price - 8.2/10 - At £1.99 for 6 (80g) these are a steal considering how delicious they are.
Overall - 8.1/10 - A top notch praline.

Anyone that enjoys a good praline will love these!


Online from The Grown Up Chocolate Company's website here . You can also find details of your nearest stockist on their website.

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