Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Grown Up Chocolate Company Perfectly Buttery Peanutty Cups

I love peanut butter cups, there's certainly no denying that, in fact I love most things involving peanut butter. However there's not many 'upmarket' peanut butter cups around, Hotel Chocolat did a peanut chocolate but it really lacked a strong peanut butter hit, so I was hoping The Grown Up Chocolate Company's would fill that gap.The Grown Up Chocolate Company Perfectly Buttery Peanutty Cups

Described as "six smooth peanut butter cups with a teeny weeny bit of caramel, encased in milk chocolate", they sounded delicious, the addition of a layer of caramel really appealed and I felt that it would offer a nice point of difference to the chocolate.
 The Grown Up Chocolate Company Perfectly Buttery Peanutty Cups 

The shape of the cups isn't what you might be accustomed to if you've bought Reese's mini peanut butter cups before, instead they're more akin to a standard chocolate shape. On cutting in half you can clearly see the main filling is that of a light peanut praline with a thin layer of caramel (which on reading the ingredients deck on the back turned out to be salted).

In all honesty I was worried that with this being a peanut praline the peanut butter essence of the eat may be lost but thankfully as the praline has been made with white chocolate the peanut flavour still comes through and delivers a delicious, salty, peanut buttery hit. This is further complemented by the sweet yet salty salted caramel and the creamy, rich 38% milk chocolate encasing the filling. The chocolate was definitely more salty than I'm used to in a peanut butter cup, due to the addition of a sea salt topping.The Grown Up Chocolate Company Perfectly Buttery Peanutty Cups

The texture is spot on, sometimes peanut butter cups can be a bit drying, but this is smooth and rich with the flowing caramel softening the overall eat. I could have quite easily popped back all 6 of these in one go, they're pretty delicious and definitely fit the needs of a bit more of a high quality peanut butter cup.

Taste - 7.9/10 - Salty yet sweet, great peanut butter flavour with a nice addition from the salted caramel.
Texture - 7.7/10 - Smooth peanut praline; rich, flowing caramel.
Appearance - 7.0/10 - Not what you might be used to from a standard peanut butter cup, more akin to a classic boxed chocolate shape.
Price - 8.2/10 - £1.99 for 6 is excellent value for money.
Overall - 7.7/10 - Delicious peanut butter chocolate.
Peanut butter lovers!!


Online from The Grown Up Chocolate Company's website here. You can also find details of your nearest stockist on their website.

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