Saturday, 26 August 2017

KitKat Raspberry Cheesecake Duo

The Australian chocolate game has been on fire recenty. Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars seem to have been launching a whole load of innovative products out there - wish we could say the same about them in the U.K! Since I'm not going to Australia anytime soon I decided to buy some products online to try. The first one I'm going to review is this KitKat Raspberry Cheesecake Duo bar.

KitKat Duo Raspberry Cheesecake
"Crisp wafer fingers with a milk chocolate base, topped with alternating fingers of raspberry, with tangy raspberry pieces and cheesecake flavoured choc." Weighing in at 65g, this bar is marketed as a "share bar"...yeah right.

KitKat Duo Raspberry Cheesecake

Now the traditional method of eating a KitKat is normally to break off each individual finger and eat, anyone that bites a KitKat well....utter sacrilege! However funnily enough the whole purpose of this Duo bar is that the raspberry stick and the cheesecake stick are meant to be eaten together to emulate the raspberry cheesecake experience; so you split the bar down the middle then have two portions to bite away at!

The bar itself looks really pretty, I love how Nestlé have used a milk chocolate base and then alternated between the pink raspberry stick, which you can see is flecked with raspberry pieces and the white cheesecake stick. You can smell a slightly fruit raspberry aroma as soon as you open the bar and this most definitely comes through on the eat.
KitKat Duo Raspberry Cheesecake

I decided to try each stick individually first for reviewing purposes before trying them both together. The raspberry stick is lovely, light, fruity and natural tasting with a really good zingy raspberry flavour whilst the cheesecake flavour; although it doesn't offer a whole lot in the way of flavour offers a pleasant creamy taste akin to a white chocolate KitKat albeit less sweet and creamier. Now time to try them both together.
KitKat Duo Raspberry Cheesecake

On eating both KitKat sticks together you're initially met with the fruity raspberry flavour but as you continue to eat it the cheesecake stick offers that wonderful background creaminess of what you would expect from a cheesecake. I can now see why on it's own it doesn't have all that powerful a flavour as it's purpose is simply to add a lovely, creamy backnote. Combined with the classic crisp wafer of KitKat, adding a somewhat similar contrastual texture to cheesecake base, it was a really good representation of cheesecake in chocolate form!

I also picked up the Tiramisu Duo bar so I'll be interested to see what that is like; however all we can really hope for is that Nestlé U.K decide to get themselves sorted and bring this Duo concept out over here!!

Taste - 7.9/10 - Lovely, fresh, natural tasting raspberry. Creamy, cheesecake flavour. Thankfully not sickly sweet and really reminded me of raspberry cheesecake.

Texture - 7.9/10 - Classic crisp KitKat wafer.
Appearance - 9.0/10 - Looks great! Love the alternating sticks.
Price - 7.3/10 - I paid £2.45 for this which is obviously a lot more than it would be in Australia.
Overall - 8.0/10 - Great product idea for extension of the KitKat brand and tastes delicious!

Can imagine most people would enjoy this if they're partial to a KitKat.

In Australia I'd imagine this is widely available, being based in the U.K I bought mine from Sanza here , if you're in the U.S you can buy it from Candy of Oz here.

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