Sunday, 3 September 2017

KitKat Choc Mint Whirl

I love mint chocolate, I know for some people they feel as if mint is a flavour that belongs in toothpaste, but there's something about it that I love. Now we've got KitKat Mint in the U.K but they only come in 2 finger multi-packs and they're with dark chocolate, plus there's nothing particularly exciting looking about them, it's just mint flavoured dark chocolate, which although tasty doesn't really ever entice me to buy them often (especially since I'm not the biggest lover of dark chocolate).
KitKat Choc Mint Whirl

Enter the KitKat Choc Mint Whirl from Australia - "crisp wafer fingers covered in smooth milk chocolate, topped with creamy swirls of mint choc" . Coming in a 4 finger pack the design looked really good, well what was presented on the packaging anyway, on opening there didn't appear to be as much mint whirl as I hoped, with just a slight tint here and there. Nevertheless still better than our U.K. version.

KitKat Choc Mint Whirl
A light, pleasant, minty aroma came from the packet on opening and it's certainly there on eating, a light minty flavour balanced against the milk chocolate and crisp, plain, wafer. I do think you can tell that there is mint chocolate (presumably made with white chocolate flavoured with mint) swirled against the milk chocolate as it is a tad sweeter than if the whole thing were simply milk chocolate flavoured with mint.

KitKat Choc Mint Whirl

I much preferred it to our U.K version for 2 reasons : 1) it's not dark chocolate based and 2) KitKat Australia have actually decided to do something different and innovative with the design; although not executed as well as it could have been it's still something a bit different to just flavouring a chocolate base.

If it were available in the U.K. I would probably pick it up now and again and I'd certainly be buying it more often than I do the KitKat Dark Chocolate Mint! I'd probably just be pleased that Nestlé were doing something a bit more innovative with their standard KitKat bar!

Taste - 7.5/10 - Good mint flavour, quite sweet, can definitely tell it's not all milk chocolate.
Texture - 7.9/10 - Classic crisp KitKat wafer.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - The whirl doesn't look as good as it did in the picture but still better than a standard chocolate base KitKat. 
Price - 6.7/10 - I paid £1.95 for a 45g bar, obviously a bit more expensive than I would like but it's an import and therefore probably a lot cheaper in Australia.
Overall - 7.2/10 - Not a massively innovative flavour but executed in a more interesting way.
Mint chocolate lovers.


Should be widely available in Australia, in the U.K you can buy from Sanza here in the U.S you can buy it in a bigger block format from Candy of Oz here .

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