Wednesday, 13 September 2017

M&M's Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Having previously reviewed the Strawberry M&M's block it's time to move onto the next block that I bought, this hazelnut version. Unlike the strawberry block the hazelnut here isn't achieved by flavouring the bar but instead by using pieces of chopped hazelnut which are spread throughout the bar with the mini M&M's.

M&M's Chocolate Hazelnut Block

My first thought was as to whether the use of a hazelnut inclusion would mean that the inclusion of mini M&M's would be less, consulting the ingredients list I could see that this was the case - the strawberry block contains 15% mini M&M's, where as the hazelnut bar has half of this with only 7.5% and the addition of 7.5% hazelnuts. 

The bar has the same fun design but on breaking off strips you can definitely clearly that this bar has less colourful mini M&M's and instead is also dotted with small roasted hazelnut pieces.

M&M's Chocolate Hazelnut Block

For me as this bar is called 'hazelnut' I really felt it should deliver a good hazelnut flavour hit but unfortunately I just felt overall it was a bit lacking. Due to less mini M&M's in the bar you lose out on one of the things that make this type of bar so great - the textural contrast of the smooth milk chocolate and the crunchy candy shells, as you don't necessarily get a mini M&M in every piece.

M&M's Chocolate Hazelnut Block

Unfortunately the addition of the hazelnuts doesn't massively improve this; although they offer a nice nibbly bite here and there they don't add the same textural contrast and unfortunately I found they didn't deliver a huge flavour hit, they add a hint of roasted nuttiness but not what I really look for in a 'hazelnut' chocolate. Granted, the milk chocolate base used is pleasant enough, creamy and not overly sweet but I think this bar would have been absolutely incredible if Mars had blended hazelnuts into the milk chocolate to create a praline-esque base and then dotted it with the mini M&M's. That would have made it for me.

I'll still enjoy eating the rest of this bar as it is still pleasant enough but if it were available in this country I don't think I'd be rushing out to buy another.

Taste - 6.1/10 - Doesn't offer anything massively different, pleasant enough milk chocolate but would have liked more of a hazelnut hit.
Texture - 6.0/10 - The lack of mini M&M's is a miss. The roasted hazelnut pieces don't provide the same satisfying textural contrast.
Appearance - 8.9/10 - Love the design of this bar and the packaging is really eye catching.
Price - 5.9/10 - I paid £5.95 for this bar, I presume it's cheaper in Australia but I think the other bars in the range are probably better value for money.
Overall - 6.7/10 - Unfortunately a slightly disappointing bar, I was hoping for a lot better.

If you're looking to give all of the M&M's blocks a go it may be worthwhile picking up.

I'd imagine this bar is widely available in Australia, I purchased mine from Sanza here.

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