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Just to Say Cadbury Roses Flower Gift Box

Cadbury Roses hold a bit of a nostalgic place in my heart, my mum & I always used to buy one of the big tubs around Christmas and fill our festive bowls with wrapped chocolates to snack on throughout the festive period. Granted they're not made with the best quality chocolate anymore having bulked the chocolate out with vegetable fat and sugar and downgraded the cocoa content, but I still find something quite nice in opening a selection of them and deciding which one to tuck into first.

Cadbury Roses Flower Gift Box

So when I was contacted by Cadbury about the new Roses format they had recently launched I wasn't too adverse to seeing what they were like. Presented in a new flower gift shape format that makes the product seem more "giftable" compared to a standard box and adorned with the words "Just to say" to make the box suitable for any occasion, not just birthdays. Cadbury also kindly offered to send a gift box to someone of my choosing "just to say", naturally due to our nostalgic routine of Cadbury Roses I chose my mum.

Cadbury Roses Flower Gift Box
Due to the gift box shape format I was actually expecting these to be laid out in a similar way to how you may find Milk Tray, with the chocolates unwrapped in a layer. However instead you get a box full of individually wrapped chocolates, as in standard Cadbury Roses.

You get 275g of chocolates in the box, which worked out to be 29 chocolates in mine. Looking at the selection on the back there are a few missing compared to your standard box of Cadbury Roses : Caramel Bite (the almond caramel one), Coffee Escape and Brazilian Darkness. Meaning that in the box you get : Hazel in Caramel, Strawberry Dream, Signature Truffle, Country Fudge, Caramel, Hazel Whirl, Tangy Orange Creme and Golden Barrel.

Cadbury Roses Flower Gift Box
I won't go through each one as if you haven't had Cadbury Roses by now what planet have you been on?! However en masse the chocolates are how as I remember, fairly sweet and nostalgic but certainly not for the discerning chocolate lover. They're a sweet treat with a cup of tea or coffee or a sugar hit when you're in need.

Cadbury Roses Flower Gift Box
I understand that Cadbury are never going to be a high, superior quality chocolate brand but I do wish they would go back to their old recipes in some products, when the sugar was lower and vegetables fats were non-existant. I'd be quite willing to pay more for the pleasure. Don't get me wrong I'm still partial to my Hazel in Caramel and Country Fudge in particular but I just think they could be so much better. Safe to say my Mum still thoroughly enjoyed them though so thank you Cadbury!

Taste - 5.0/10 - Fairly sweet, dominanted by sugar rather than creamy cocoa notes.

Texture - 4.7/10 - Unfortunately due to the addition of vegetable fats quite a few of the chocolates have a waxy feel to them.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - I do think the flower shaped gift box looks pretty.
Price - 5.0/10 - Retailing at £5 in Sainsbury's they work out at £1.82/100g, compared to the big tubs that are also £5 and £0.76/100g you really are paying for the packaging and "giftability" here.
Overall - 5.5/1- Although it sounds like I'm not a fan, I do believe that they are still pleasant enough to eat (maybe it's that nostalgia kicking in) I just think they could be so much better if Cadbury focused on the quality of the product. Offers a nice easy accessible gift option for people wanting to buy Cadbury Roses in a more "giftable" format.

An affordable chocolate gift for someone who likes simpler chocolates and doesn't mind overly sweet chocolate.


Available in Sainsbury's.

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