Saturday, 7 October 2017

M&M's Crispy Bar

The final M&M's bar that I purchased is this Crispy bar, after thoroughly enjoying the Strawberry and being slightly disappointed with the Hazelnut I was hoping that this Crispy bar would at least deliver, where the Hazelnut failed, with 12% mini M&M's and 3% rice crisps.

M&M's Crispy Bar

Described as "M&M's Minis with crispy pieces in smooth milk chocolate" it sounded tasty enough. Presented in thre same design as all the other bars it looks great and you can clearly see on the back of the bar and when snapping off a strip the large amount of inclusions in the milk chocolate.

The milk chocolate is creamy and not overly sweet with the crispy pieces adding a plainer element to the bar. The texture of the bar is good, offering a nice contrast with the crispy rice pieces and the crunchy candy shells of the mini M&M's, which I was pleased to find were much more plentiful than in the hazelnut bar.
M&M's Crispy Bar

However I still felt that adding another inclusion detracted from one of the main things I love about these bars; that the crunchy candy shells should be taking centre stage, it felt a bit like the crispy pieces were taking over and although the bar was pleasant enough I don't know whether it would be one that I would repeatedely purchase if it were available in the U.K.

M&M's Crispy Bar

Personally I think these bars work best with a plain or flavoured chocolate base, in the case of the Strawberry, allowing the mini M&M's to be the main textural element and the point of difference coming through in the flavour of chocolate. Now that's not to say that I don't think another inclusion may work, e.g. jelly pieces/banana candy pieces (getting into the realms of Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations) but I won't be losing too much sleep about this bar being only available in Australia.

Taste -6.4/10 - Pleasant milk chocolate with a slightly savoury/plain hit from the rice crisps.
Texture -6.3/10 - Pleased that there were more mini M&M's and the crispy pieces did add a nice textural contrast but felt perhaps it was a bit too much, detracting from the mini M&M's.
Appearance - 8.9/10 - Love the design of this bar and the packaging is really eye catching.
Price - 6.1/10 - I paid £5.95 for this bar, I presume it's cheaper in Australia but I'd most definitely rather opt for the Strawberry. 
Overall - 6.9/10 - Nothing inherently bad about it, just wouldn't be my go to bar.
Worth giving a go if you're a fan of crispy bits like this in chocolate.

WHERE TO BUY?Widely available in Australia I would imagine, I purchased mine from Sanza here

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