Monday, 16 October 2017

Reese's stuffed with Crunchy Cookie

I'd had my eye on these Reese's stuffed with Crunchy Cookie for quite some time, they sounded utterly delicious, classic Reese's milk chocolate peanut butter cups stuffed with little crunchy cookie (Oreo type biscuit) pieces. Somehow I'd never actually got around to buying them for myself so you can imagine my delight when in my lovely box of birthday goodies I received from Amy at AmySeeksNewTreats I unwrapped one - thank you so much Amy!

Reese's stuffed with Crunchy Cookie

You get 2 decent sized Reese's peanut butter cups in the usual cardboard tray style packaging, as soon as you opened the pack I was immediately hit with that classic, sweet yet salty peanut butter chocolate aroma. Heaven.

Reese's stuffed with Crunchy Cookie
Cutting one in half you can clearly see that the peanut butter innards are dotted with dark cookie pieces, which are clearly evident when you eat the product. The texture contrast works really well, since the peanut butter filling itself isn't silky smooth the cookie pieces don't seem obtrusive to the eat and add a lovely, moreish (could peanut butter and chocolate be any more moreish?!) quality to the eat.
Reese's stuffed with Crunchy Cookie

In terms of flavour they don't offer much, just a slight, darker, bitterness; the flavour is still your classic salty/sweet peanut butter and milk chocolate with just slight undertones from the biscuit. Almost as if you'd sprinkled some Oreos on top of your peanut butter... speaking of which what a yummy idea, peanut butter & Oreos on toast anyone?

The Reese's stuffed with Crunchy Cookie are a nice addition to the range and certainly one I would be happy to eat again, saying that though there's not many Reese's products I wouldn't!

Taste - 8.2/10 - The cookie pieces don't add a whole lot of flavour, other than a slightly darker/bitter note complementing the overall flavour of sweet/salty peanut butter + milk chocolate.
Texture - 8.0/10 - Cookie pieces added a moreish crunch.
Appearance - 7.7/10 - Look great.
Price - 7.5/10 - I'm not sure how much Amy paid for these but from various import shops I've seen them around £1.75-£2.50.

Overall - 7.9/10 - A tasty addition to the Reese's range.

Peanut butter + milk chocolate lovers.

I've seen them in various import shops in London, online at A Taste of the States here.

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