Friday, 10 November 2017

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Choco Biscuit Crunch

Out of all of the Cadbury Big Taste bars that had been launched this Choco Biscuit Crunch bar was the only one that I had yet to try, exclusive to Asda, I had seen it before but now that I live slightly further afield from an Asda had yet had chance to pick it up. Luckily enough I was kindly sent a bar by Cadbury to try and review.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Choco Biscuit Crunch

As with all the Big Taste bars this weighs in at a considerable 300g and is described as "milk chocolate with cocoa creme filling (27%), milk creme filling (18%) and a layer of biscuit (13%)". Although I'm not normally the biggest fan of huge biscuit layers in chocolate this sounded pretty tasty to me and upon opening you could definitely see that this was going to be a satisfying bit of chocolate! Those pieces are thick!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Choco Biscuit Crunch

The biscuit layer definitely makes up the majority of the bar and you can definitely tell from the cross section that the cocoa creme makes up a larger proportion the bar compared to the milk creme.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Choco Biscuit Crunch

Due to the biscuit being fairly savoury it works really well against the sweeter Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate which can sometimes be a bit sickly when paired with other ingredients but it really works here. The cocoa and milk creme fillings are fairly not descript but help to add a smoother texture to the bar and a hint of additional creaminess to the eat.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Choco Biscuit Crunch

I ended up enjoying this bar a lot more than I actually thought I would, it kind of fulfils that Twix-like nature of being a biscuit and chocolate hybrid. I'd be really interested to see this executed as a giant Oreo bar with a layer of dark Oreo biscuit and 2 layers of milk creme...however since a lot of these Big Taste bars are replicas of Milka bars I can't see this happening any time soon.

Taste - 7.5/10 -
A lot tastier than I expected, creamy milk chocolate and slightly savoury biscuit.
Texture - 8.2/10 - Very satisfyingly thick, crunchy biscuit and smooth cremes.

Appearance - 8.0/10 - Looks good.
Price - 7.3/10 - At £3.00 for 300g it's fairly good value for money.
Overall - 7.8/10 - A surprisingly tasty flavour.

Anyone looking for a really satisfying chocolate bar.

Exclusive to Asda.

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