Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Godiva Masterpieces Hazelnut Oyster with Belgian Milk Chocolate

A while ago Godiva was one of those chocolate brands I was only able to pick up whilst in the U.S, or if I happened to make a trip down to London (prior to living here), it wasn't really widely available and certainly wasn't a chocolate brand I ate often. However this year Godiva have made there first venture into U.K supermarkets with their launch into Sainsbury's.

Godiva Hazelnut Oyster with Belgian Chocolate

They've launched a fair number of lines, including boxed and bar chocolates, some existing lines and some which I believe are new to retail and are solely for the supermarket offering (in single bar format at least). I must admit one that immediately caught my eye was this Hazelnut Oyster bar, being the huge lover of praline hazelnut that I am.

Weighing in at 83g the bar consists of 22% Belgian milk chocolate encasing a hazelnut praline filling, designed with breakable thin squares/rectanges of chocolate with a bulbous oyster shape in the centre - which contains the filling.
Godiva Hazelnut Oyster with Belgian Chocolate

I've tried some of Godiva's hazelnut pralines before and although not being completely blown away by them I have enjoyed them and been fairly impressed, which was why I was so disappointed with this offering.

I popped a piece into my mouth to let melt, the first thing I noticed was that the chocolate tasted quite cheap, it didn't have that creamy, rich, luxurious flavour I expect from a Belgian chocolate and tasted quite waxy. Unfortunately things got worse when hitting the hazelnut praline centre, I expect pralines to be smooth, rich and nutty; this was dry, claggy with a very faint hint of hazelnut. Looking at the ingredients deck I ntocied that they had used "fully hydrogenated vegetable fat" in the praline filling along with a whole host of other low quality ingredients, which I presume is the reason that this doesn't taste that great.

Godiva Hazelnut Oyster with Belgian Chocolate

At £2.00 for a bar it does have a lower price point than the rest of Godiva's range but I can't help feeling that this shows in the quality and in fact I don't think it's even worth the £2 mark, certainly in terms of quality I don't think it even beats the likes of Galaxy/Cadbury. Such a shame as I think this could have been an opportunity to showcase Godiva's product to the masses but I can't help but feel they've devalued their brand a bit, at least with this offering anyway.

Taste - 3.8/10 - Very disappointing, one of the worst hazelnut praline chocolates I've had in a while.
Texture - 3.5/10 - Waxy melt, claggy/waxy praline filling.
Appearance - 6.2/10 - Looks pretty enough, packaging looks luxury, shame product isn't.
Price - 3.9/10 - At £2.00 for a bar I don't think this is very good value for money at all.
Overall - 4.4/10 - I was expecting so much more.
If you're not a discerning praline perfectionist you could still consider giving this a go but it's not great.

Sainsbury's stores nationwide.


  1. Oh deary me. I wouldn’t bother with the caramel lion either if I were you. What a shame!

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