Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Maltesers Luxury Chocolates

The words "Maltesers" and "Luxury" aren't two things I'd put together, sure I'm a fan of the tasty little malt bites but I appreciate that they're not a luxury product, by any means of the imagination. However Maltesers have tried to venture into the boxed chocolate market with these "Maltesers Luxury Chocolates"; I had seen them earlier this year but it appears they've now got a much wider distribution, probably in a push to capitalise on Christmas gifting.

Maltesers Luxury Chocolates

Consisting of "milk chocolate (63%) with a cocoa and malt filling, wafer shell and honeycomb pieces (5.4%)", they kind of sounded like a hybrid between Maltesers Teasers, KitKat and a truffle. You get a total of 16 chocolates in the box, with each chocolate individually wrapped for freshness in spotty foil, which reminded me somewhat of a lady bird.

Maltesers Luxury Chocolates

Cutting one in half you can clearly see the distinct layers, the outer shell is the equivalent of Maltesers Teasers/the Celebration Maltesers, followed by a wafer with the inner core consisting of a rather dense cocoa and malt filling.

Maltesers Luxury Chocolates

Does it deliver a good chocolate malt flavour? Yes it most definitely does and did most definitely remind me of eating Maltesers Teasers, you get a slight addition of flavour from the cocoa and malt filling but that's immediately detracted by the savoury, slightly bland wafer. I couldn't help feeling slightly disappointing compared to either a standard bag of Maltesers or a Maltesers Teasers bar, both superior in my opinion.

Even the texture was a bit of a let down, the wafer wasn't crisp enough and tasted a bit stale whilst I think it would have been much nicer had the cocoa and malt filling been light and mousse like, almost akin to the filling of a Kinder Bueno. It just was a bit, well, uninspiring.
Maltesers Luxury Chocolates

I really like the concept of these and they don't taste horrendous but when you're paying £7 for 205g of these and they're meant to be "luxury", well I'd rather have 7 bags of Maltesers in all honesty. I'm really not sure what's driving the cost in this product, potentially the packaging as it's certainly not what's inside. I really would love to see this executed in an actual more "premium" fashion but am a bit disappointed with what's currenty being offered.

Taste - 4.0/10 - Fairly average, not amazing but not horrendous either. Just a bit of a let down.
Texture - 3.9/10 - Wafer was a bit stale and not crisp enough, cocoa and malt filling would have been nicer if it were lighter/softer.

Appearance - 6.4/10 - Look fairly nice and good that they're individually wrapped.
Price - 3.0/10 - Not a chance I would want to pay £7 for these.
Overall - 4.3/10 - A different concept that unfortunately I don't think has been executed as well as it could have been.

If you know someone that loves Maltesers it may be nice to give them as a gift as something different to try but personally I'd prefer a gift box filled with Maltesers...think it would be a lot tastier!


Most major retailers are now stocking these.

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  1. I really didn't like these either! I thought I had a dodgy pack because my wafer was so stale but maybe not...! Maltesers and Teasers bars are miles better.