Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Milka Triple Caramel

I love it when people bring me different chocolate back from their holidays; unusual bars from different countries always massively appeal to me and whenever I go away you can guarantee I'll normally come back with a bag full of chocolate. Cadbury have been offering versions of Milka bars recently, due to them both being owned by Mondalez; however one bar that hasn't been translated is this Milka Triple Caramel (not in the U.K anyway, Cadbury in Australia have something similar), which was kindly brought back by a friend from Ibiza.

Milka Triple Caramel

The chocolate bar has 3 pieces width ways, with each piece filled with a different filling - soft caramel, a caramel truffle-like filling and crunchy caramel pieces. I really like that the bar is offering something different in each piece, giving variety and stopping the chocolate bar getting a bit too "samey".

The chocolate is standard Milka chocolate - a lot creamier and rich than Cadbury, with much more of a Swiss style eat. The soft caramel filling, is rich and smooth in the mouth - it's fairly sweet but not cloying so and balances against the creamier milk chocolate. Unfortunately I wasn't as big a fan on the caramel truffle-like filling, I didn't really feel it offered much in terms of a caramel flavour nor was the texture particularly pleasant, being a bit dry in the mouth. Finally the crunchy caramel piece, consisting mainly of solid chocolate with small bits of nibby caramel this was the piece that offered something closest to eating a standard bar of Milka with inclusions - letting the chocolate take centre stage with the caramel pieces adding a nice crunchy textural contrast and a hint of additional sweetness.
Milka Triple Caramel

I really like the concept of this bar, the different textures and flavours that the pieces offer helps keep the bar exciting - however also holds the danger that it could be quite easy to eat the whole bar all in one go.

I'd love to see Cadbury do something similar in the U.K but just hope that the caramel truffle-like filling could be improved upon.

Taste - 7.1/10 - A tasty bar, creamy Milka chocolate, the only piece that was a slight let down was the caramel truffle-like filling which didn't taste of much.

Texture - 7.3/10 - Smooth, flowing soft caramel. Nibbly, crunchy caramel pieces. Unfortunately the caramel truffle-like filling was a bit dry and stodgy.
Appearance - 7.0/10 - Looks fine, like that there is a different finish on each of the pieces to avoid confusion.
Price - 6.7/10 - Bought from the native country it's sold it's a fairly reasonable price of around €2, bought in the U.K you're probably looking to pay nearer £4.
Overall - 7.0/10 -  A bar offering variety without having to go out and buy 3 separate chocolate bars.

A fairly non-polarising bar which I would imagine would go down a treat with most chocolate lovers, especially those that seek variety.

Mine was purchased in Spain but you should be able to get it online from various import sites.

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