Monday, 4 December 2017

Yorkie Pro

There's a growing trend for putting protein in absolutely everything nowadays and Mars made the first move creating a protein bar from a traditional chocolate bar variety with their Mars/Snickers bars, shortly followed by the Bounty and Milky Way. Nestlé have now made their first venture into the protein market with this Yorkie Pro, which I was lucky enough to receive from Amy @ Seek New Treats unlike Mars' varieties this isn't a classic chewy protein bar as such but is a "chunky milk chocolate and crisped cereal, with added protein".

Yorkie Pro

From the description it's quite hard to distinguish where in fact they are adding the protein, is it in the crispsies or in the chocolate itsef, looking at the ingredient deck it appears to be in the chocolate itself, with the addition of whey protein listed as part of the main ingredients and not as a sub ingredient in the crispies.

Comparing the nutritionals of a standard Yorkie - 249kcal, 14g fat, 27.5g carbohydrates and 2.7g protein - vs the Yorkie Pro - 218kcal, 11.6g fat, 17.5g carbohydrates and 10.5g protein. The standard Yorkie costs around 60p whilst the Yorkie Pro costs around £1.99, around 3 times the cost for 3 times the (small amount) of protein.

Yorkie Pro
As with the standard Yorkie the pieces are large and substantial, dotted with a good amount of crispy pieces. These crispy pieces help to add a lovely, nibbly textural crunch to the bar which I quite enjoyed but I do feel that their main purpose there is to mask the somewhat chalkier chocolate, I definitely noticed it was a lot less creamy compared to a standard Yorkie bar. I know that Yorkies do in fact have a bit of a chalky eat compared to other chocolate bars but this was highlighted even further with the addition of the whey protein. However despite the chalkier eat I still much preferred it to those awfully chewy protein bars you get, at least this feels like "proper" chocolate.

Yorkie Pro
The flavour is pleasant enough and has a sweet 'chocolatey' eat, reminiscent of a standard Yorkie but in all honesty I don't really see the point of all these protein chocolate bars. It only has just under 8g protein more than the regular Yorkie, the equivalent of a couple of egg whites and costs over 3 times as much, I just don't think it's that great value for money. I'd much rather get my protein from 'normal' protein sources and just let chocolate be chocolate. 

Taste - 6.3/10 - Fairly pleasant, creamy, sweet milk chocolate. Slight savoury note from the crispy pieces.
Texture - 6.8/10 - Despite the chocolate being chalkier than the original Yorkie I quite enjoyed the nibbly crispy pieces. 
Appearance - 6.8/10 - Standard Yorkie look and feel.
Price - 3.0/10 - Massively overpriced in my opinion.
Overall - 5.7/10 - Don't think it's worth the higher price point but definitely is more of a standard chocolate bar offering compared to Mars' versions. Would quite like to see this crispy Yorkie executed in normal form.
I've seen this in newsagents, import stores and online, for example at Cardiff Sports Nutrition here.

WHO FOR?If you're one of those people that doesn't mind paying an inflated price for a "protein" chocolate bar, despite not particularly high levels of protein then I definitely think it's a viable option.

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