Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Belgian Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate with Black Tea

I reviewed The Belgian Chocolate Company White Chocoalate with candied lemon pieces a couple of weeks ago here, so it seems fitting to now give one of the milk chocolate bars a go - this one contains the rather unusual and intresting addition of black tea, in the form of black tea powder.

The Belgian Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate with Black Tea bar

Containing 38% cocoa solids it's a higher cocoa percentage milk chocolate, which you can tell from the slightly darker colour of the bar and the crisp, clean snap it has upon breaking a strip off. The eat is also a lot deeper and richer than standard commercial milk chocolates and quite different to a lot of the other Belgian milk chocolate bars I've tried in the past.
The Belgian Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate with Black Tea bar

Whilst most Belgian milk chocolates are very creamy and milky, this was still creamy but had a richer, darker cocoa note to it, which I rather enjoyed. The black tea flavour is subtle but comes through as the chocolate melts slowly in the mouth, adding a slightly earthy/floral note to the bar, which complements the deeper milk chocolate perfectly.

Sometimes I worry when bars have a cleaner snap to them quite often they don't have as an indulgent, rich, melt to them; however this was not the case here with the bar melting slowly and luxuriously upon popping a piece into your mouth. Heaven.
The Belgian Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate with Black Tea bar

I was really interested to see how the black tea flavour would play out in this milk chocolate bar, it's a flavour that I haven't actually experienced in chocolate bar format before - coffee -  yeah, black tea - not so much, but I found that I thoroughly enjoyed it and kept going back cube after cube. Definitely one to try and made we wonder why black tea isn't a flavour that's more widely used in chocolate.

Taste - 8.3/10 - Deep, rich, cocoa notes balanced with a subtle earthy yet floral black tea.
Texture - 7.9/10 - Smooth, slow, indulgent melt.
Appearance - 7.0/10 - Fairly simplistic packaging, it reminded me a bit of Waitrose chocolate range.
Price - 7.0/10 - Priced at £2.25 for 85g it's affordable and think the price reflects the quality fairly.
Overall - 7.6/10  - An unusual yet delicious chocolate bar.

Anyone looking for something slightly different in a chocolate bar that isn't going to break the bank.

The only details that are available on The Belgian Chocolate Company's website here are that they are available throughout a network of independent stockists.

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