Friday, 2 February 2018

Ritter Sport Spekulatius

I love speculoos, love, love love it. However unfortunately although it's gaining more momentum in the U.K we most definitely haven't reached the levels of how it is incorporated into other products in other countries, particularly in chocolate form. However the lovely Amy from @ New Treats was kind enough to send me this German winter edition Ritter Sport Spekulatius bar.

Ritter Sport Spekulatius

I really hoped it would live up to the gorgeous spiced spectacle I was hoping for. In all honesty I wasn't really sure what to expect, as the description was in German and I decided to open it in a rather desperate moment when I just wanted to eat it rather than Google the exact recipe meant I wasn't sure what I was going to be in store for. Would it be a speculoos cream with bits of biscuit? Just biscuit? Some sort of other speculoos concoction?

Ritter Sport Spekulatius

I snapped a piece and heard the crisp, clean snap, it was biscuit, a lot of speculoos biscuit. Yum. Like the Ritter Sport butter biscuit bar they've essentially taken a large speculoos biscuit, covered it in a light milk cocoa cream and then drenched the whole thing in Ritter Sport milk chocolate.

The flavour was absolutely spot on and everything you would expect from speculoos, with the warming wintry spices and sweet caramelised biscuit flavour evident throughout the eat. It balanced with the sweet, creamy, light, milk cocoa cream and milk chocolate and was like a warm, hug in chocolate form. It was pun intended.

Ritter Sport Spekulatius

The only thing that could have made it potentially better from my point of view is if they'd use a speculoos cream dotted with speculoos biscuit pieces rather than a whole biscuit, but this is more than likely just personal prefererence. There was nothing wrong with the biscuit inherently, in fact from a texture point of view it was everything you would expect - crisp and crunchy, but generally I prefer smoother eat chocolate bars. I can only pray they will make a speculoos cream chocolate bar some day in the future.
Ritter Sport Spekulatius
Taste - 8.7/10 - Absoltutely everything you could possibly want from speculoos and more. Warm, wintry spices and creamy, rich, milky chocolate.

Texture - 7.0/10 - Personally I would have preferred less biscuit and a speculoos cream, nevertheless it's still good and the addition of the cocoa cream does help to soften the eat.
Appearance - 7.7/10 - Looks fine.

Price - 9.0/10 - I'm not sure how much this is in Germany if you pick it up in a store but on the World of Sweets website it's priced at € 1.09 - absolute bargain!
Overall - 8.1/10 - We can only hope that Ritter Sport will bring over the deliciousness that is speculoos to the U.K soon.

Definitely a bar for those who love spiced flavours.

In Germany or if you're elsewhere you can buy online from World of Sweets here and from eBay/Amazon.

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