Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Delicata Wit Meloen Matcha Thee (White Chocolate Melon Matcha Tea)

Matcha is still relatively hard to find in chocolate bars, melon is even more of a rarity. The combination of melon + matcha together....that's a once in a blue moon combination! So you can imagine when I saw this bar whilst in Amsterdam I just had to try it.

Delicata Melon + Matcha White Chocolate Bar

Delicata is an own-brand chocolate from the supermarket Albert Heijn, spanning across a number of sub-brands with these more unusual flavour bars  - 'Discover Happiness' being one of them. I was pretty surprised this was an own-brand bar to be honest, I thought it was some sort of artisan/high end brand when I saw the flavour combinations within this range.  Certainly not ones that we would often see churned out in supermarkets in the U.K.
Delicata Melon + Matcha White Chocolate Bar

The bar consists of white chocolate (milk solids 25%), dried melon (9.5%) and matcha tea (0.5%) and is split into neatly portioned rectangular pieces displaying the words "Delicata Discover Happiness". I was certainly hoping I was going to and given my love of matcha was really hoping this wasn't going to be disappointing. I really wasn't sure how the melon would work, but the pale light green colour of the bar at least gave me some confidence that hopefully there would be a decent matcha flavour here.
Delicata Melon + Matcha White Chocolate Bar

I popped a piece in my mouth, wow, the melon flavour is really good. It's subtle but slowly builds as it melts in the mouth, it's oddly refreshing against the creamy white chocolate backdrop and the slight bitter earthiness from the matcha. In fact it's utterly delicious.

Delicata Melon + Matcha White Chocolate Bar

The matcha isn't as strong as I normally would like if this bar was matcha chocolate alone; however due to the addition of the melon I actually think the subtler flavour works better and balances the eat overall. If the matcha was stronger I'd imagine it would have just overwhelmed the melon flavour.
Delicata Melon + Matcha White Chocolate Bar

The melt is smooth and rich, with the slight addition of chewiness from the dried melon and I found myself falling more and more in love with this bar. It's unusual but oh so delicious and so different to anything I've ever tried before. All for the bargain price of €1.99 for 100g, it's one of the best value chocolate bars I've had in a while.

Taste - 8.8/10 - Extremely well balanced. Creamy white chocolate, subtle yet refreshing melon meets slightly bitter earthy matcha green tea.
Texture - 8.0/10 - Rich melt, slightly chewy dried melon pieces.
Appearance - 9.1/10 - Love the design/layout of the bar.
Price - 9.2/10 - Bargain at €1.99.
Overall - 8.8/10 - An unusual yet delicious, affordable chocolate bar.
Those that enjoy slightly more unique/different flavours in their chocolate bars. 

Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands.

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