Saturday, 14 April 2018

KitKat Senses

There are many chocolate products that have been sent to the chocolate graveyard over the years that I miss – Mars Delight and White Maltesers to name a couple. KitKat Senses was one of those bars that didn’t seem to hang around long enough for me to become obsessed with it, but delicious it was, launched around 10 years ago, it consisted of the classic KitKat wafer with a light, hazelnut topping and chocolate coating.

KitKat Senses

I was intrigued when I read that Nestlé were bringing back KitKat Senses but this time in mini 1 stick format, individually wrapped, in gift-box style packaging and containing 3 flavours – salted caramel, double chocolate and the aforementioned hazelnut.
KitKat Senses

When I saw them on special at £3 at my local Sainsbury’s I couldn’t resist. When you take the lid off the bottom packaging expands and releases slightly, almost as if to form a little bowl of wrapped KitKat, a nice touch I guess if you want to keep them out on the side in your house.
KitKat Senses

Cutting the KitKat in half the top flavoured element looked a lot denser than the KitKat Senses I had been used to and looked like more of a dense cream, compared to the lighter more Kinder Bueno type texture I had been previously accustomed to.

I decided to try the Double Chocolate first and was fairly impressed, a rich, deeper, almost ganache like topping. As I was eating it I felt it reminded me of something, somewhere between an Oreo/Bourbon biscuit, it has the darker, more cocoa rich eat to it. Pleasant but definitely my least favourite out of the box.
KitKat Senses

Salted Caramel was next up and this was more up my street, a sweet, caramel like paste topping which was akin to the topping used on the KitKat Chunky Duo Caramel (the cream side not the soft oozing caramel) with a slight added hint of salt. I maybe would have liked maybe a tad more salt for just a little bit more flavour contrast but in general it was pretty good!

Saving the best until last – Hazelnut – as anyone who reads this blog regularly will know I’m a huge chocolate hazelnut fan and this, no surprise, was my favourite option in the box and also what the flavour profile of the previous larger KitKat Senses bar was. Obviously many a year has passed since I tried the original but I think this is quite a different eat, like all of the new KitKat Senses the texture of the topping is a lot denser and more like a cream paste. It’s not the most indulgent, nuttiest, praline filled chocolate I’ve ever had, but at £3 I didn’t expect it to be, the hazelnut flavour is still fairly pleasant and the little pieces of nibbed hazelnut add a nice textural contrast.
KitKat Senses

Overall I really enjoyed these, my only qualm is with the texture, I would have liked the flavoured topping to have been a bit lighter and closer to the original; however I can imagine this is probably harder to execute in smaller format and without the bulbous topping that the original bar had.

Taste - 7.2/10 - Hazelnut was definitely my favourite, they were all pleasant enough but not incredible.
Texture - 6.7/10 - Light, crisp wafer. Slightly firm/dense creamy toppings which I would have preferred to have been a bit lighter/fluffier.

Appearance - 7.3/10 - The box they're presented in is nice and good that they're all individually wrapped to keep them fresh.
Price - 7.1/10 - At £4 or on offer at £3 they're not going to break the bank.
Overall - 7.1/10 - A nice enough offering to the KitKat range but would have liked to have seen a bit more of a nod to the original.
Great if you're a KitKat lover, especially if you like variety! Think they fall into the same sort of purchasing category as the likes of Cadbury Heroes/Roses etc due to them being individually wrapped. More of a sharing chocolate.
I picked these up in Sainsbury's but would imagine most major retailers should have them soon.

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