Monday, 21 May 2018

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Bar

The launch of ruby chocolate was one that was fairly exciting for my chocolate loving self - I mean a 4th type of chocolate! That's exciting stuff. However the Ruby KitKat, I found, slightly underwhelming. I tried not to pass judgement too soon though, I mean this was ruby chocolate in 80p coated wafer form. It's never going to be the finest, so I waited, patiently for higher end alternatives to come out. Enter Prestat and their ruby chocolate bar.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate

With 47% cocoa solids it's a far cry away from the KitKat rendition and the packaging, well can we just appreciate how absolutely gorgeous it is! One of the prettiest wrappers I've seen in a while. Weighing in at 70g the bar is split into 6 sizeable pieces with a lovely pink huge. It had a lovely, light, sweet berry aroma which smelled creamier/had more dairy notes than the KitKat version.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate
This definitely followed through in the eat, this is what ruby chocolate should taste like! It has a rich, creamy flavour profile and melt with slightly sweet yet sour berry notes to it. It's missing the bitterness/cocoa notes associated with milk/dark chocolate and doesn't have as dominant dairy flavour as white chocolate does. Instead it takes you on a different journey, from sweet creamyness to slightly acidic berries/cherries.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate
I found myself enjoying this much more compared to the Ruby KitKat; it most definitely is a far superior chocolate bar in terms of showcasing the flavour profile of ruby chocolate. However I still found myself contemplating how much I liked it - I'd probably put it in 3rd position of my favourite chocolates currently - milk, white, ruby and then dark. I think it'll possibly be one of those flavours that will grow on me as more and more formats are launched using ruby chocolate. Nevertheless if you want to try a good ruby chocolate bar right now steer clear of KitKat and opt for this instead. 

Prestat Ruby Chocolate

Taste - 8.1/10 - Sweet creamy eat balanced with fruity acidic undertones. 
Texture - 8.5/10 - Smooth, rich melt. 
Appearance - 9.6/10 - I adore the packaging!!
Price - 9.3/10 - At £3.25 this is an absolute bargain and a great entry point for someone looking to try ruby chocolate.
Overall - 8.9/10 - Top notch ruby chocolate bar from Prestat.
Anyone looking for a good quality ruby chocolate to try.

Prestat stockists and online here.

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