About me

Firstly my name is Natalie, born and raised in the UK, and I eat and write up the reviews of all the chocolate products on this website.

I've always been a chocolate lover, of course, the plethora of products available is something that really interested me and in the pursuit of finding great chocolate I wanted to set up a blog! Although this is just a hobby to me I do hope to spread the knowledge to you all out there of good chocolates and help others enjoy it as much as they can!

In terms of what my favourite chocolate - I think it depends on the mood and occasion, although I normally prefer milk chocolate to white or dark and nothings beats a good praline. The only thing I'm not really a big fan of is alcoholic chocolates.

About the website
I try to review a new product every day to try and keep things fresh, although sometimes this isn't possible, I will review a range of products from a range of different companies, from novelty chocolates to single origin bars, there's not much that I won't try, I'm always up for something new!

I am not paid to review anything and am completely unbiased in every product that I review. I have not been asked to say anything specific by any company, it is all my own formed opinion, so don't worry I'm not trying to make you purchase anything!

I hope that through this website my mind and taste buds will be opened to the variety of chocolate that is available out there, I hope to give new companies exposure and not just focus on the main market produce, there is so much chocolate out there just waiting to be discovered.

What I hope to achieve
This website is mainly about helping fellow chocolate lovers find good quality chocolate products in the ever growing market place.

In the process I hope to have as much fun and enjoy as much quality chocolate as possible, whether this be new and novel or simple and classic, there is so much out there to be tried and explored and I hope you will enjoy my chocolate adventure with me & make sure to subscribe if you wish.