Chocolate Companies

Below are the details of the chocolate companies/chocolatiers I have reviewed so far and my opinion on them along with some information on what they provide.

Abanico - a French artisan chocolate company founded by Victoire Finaz specialising in a luxury range of chocolates, selling both online and at an exclusive boutique in Paris, for something a bit special.

Amedei  - an Italian company founded quite recently, 1990 ,offer a range of different bars with varying cocoa percentages and some gorgeous looking boxed chocolates. Find their chocolates so far of excellent quality, a good gourmet chocolatier.

Amelia Rope - a relatively new chocolatier Amelia produces a gorgeous range of artisan chocolate bars with the highest quality cocoa.

Baruzzo - an Italian based chocolate company, founded by a lady called Raffaella Baruzzo, she produces a wide variety of chocolatey products with exciting new flavours and ideas.

Beech's Fine Chocolates - UK based chocolate company producing a range of simple classic bars and boxes of chocolates. Nothing earth shattering but affordable and higher quality than a lot of the commercial stuff.

Belfine - A Belgian chocolate company specialising in a range of novelty figurines, the chocolate is of good quality but definitely one for the kids, or big kids, with their range of novelty chocolates appropriate for all seasons.

Booja Booja - An organic chocolate company based in Norfolk, dairy free & vegan they produced gorgeous truffles that are completely different to anything I've tried before, very luxurious!

Cadburys - The nostalgic well known British brand now owned by giant Kraft, commercial, sweet yet still enjoyable and easily accessible.

Charbonnel et Walker  - A British chocolatier, mainly specialising in a range of filled chocolates/truffles, only tried one of their products, of fair quality I would say but very sweet and could get sickly.

Choc Affair - A relatively small family run business producing a range of different chocolate products, the novel products I have tried seem quite commercial Belgian tasting chocolate.

Chocolat Chocolat - UK company that offers an  interactive experience and lets customers create their own bars, using great quality chocolate and the choice of a huge array of toppings.

Chocolate & Love - A chocolate company selling not only their own range of chocolate bars online but also the likes of Amano etc, very good quality and for ones with a liking for the darker chocolates.

Choc Nibbles - Produce packs of chocolate style snacks with pretty much everything but the kitchen sink in there, not particularly pleasant.

Chococo - a husband and wife led chocolate business based in Purbeck, Dorset, not only do they produce a range of fun novelty products but also fine bars and truffles using the finest of cocoa beans from Venezuela.

Chuao Chocolatier - An American Chocolate company priding themselves on their Venezuelan heritage producing a range of different yet delicious bars. 

Chocolate Wizard - A chocolate company set up by a boy in his teenage years, very commercial tasting but could go far.

Club Chocolat Francais - A french version of Hotel Chocolat's tasting club, that produce mail order chocolates to be sent out on a monthly basis. 

Cocoa Loco - An organic chocolate company based in Sussex, produce a lovely range of novelty products & interesting bars, chocolate is of good quality & some great products in their for kids & adults alike.

Cocoa Pod - Ran by sisters this chocolate company specialises in wonderful personalised chocolate gifts & traets.

Cote D'or - A commercial Belgian chocolate company owned by Kraft, prevalent across Europe.

Curiously Wicked - A North East based chocolatier producing a range of delicious completely unique chocolate products with exciting flavours.

Daniel Coletta - An up and coming UK chocolatier producing a range of chocolates in a similar style to Paul A Young, hasn't quite yet reached the mark yet but what I have tried seems promising.
Daniel Jones - A relatively new chocolatier based in Shropshire, producing a range of bars and filled chocolates in both classic & unique flavours.

Demarquette Fine Chocolates - A British artisan chocolate company ran by chocolatier Marc Demarquette, extremely high quality chocolates produced using the best ingredients. Multiple award winning chocolates, delicious.
Davenports - Another North East chocolate company, products are fairly classic and simplistic, good but not amazing.

Discover Chocolate - Offers a range of chocolate bars produced using sweetener, predominantly Stevia, that actually taste great!

Dolfin - A Belgian chocolatier specialising in a range of deep & intense flavoured chocolate bars, definitely not chocolates for the light hearted but of excellent quality.

Duffys - A UK Chocolatier producing a range of single origin bars of extremely high quality with a simplistic approach.

Éclat - Located in Pennsylvania, Éclat is owned by Christopher Curtin a trained master chocolatier, producing a range of bars and filled chocolates, seems fairly good quality and worth the money.

Elizabeth Shaw - Another relatively commercial company; however marketed as "luxury" producing a range of bars, crisps, flutes and liquers. 

Fudge Fancies - A local North East fudge company producing a wonderful range of fudge flavours with a twist, think Eton Mess and Apple Crumble!

Gareth James - A Newcastle based chocolatier, having trained under Paul A Young he now owns his own chocolate shop in Tynemouth selling a range of truffles and bars.

Godiva - A Belgium chocolate company that is now available worldwide, produces not only bars but a range of filled chocolates and truffles, good, but haven't been blown away by anything yet.

Gorvett & Stone - A British Chocolate Company producing products using Valrhona chocolate, extremely tasty and offer quite a few novel different products that you may not find else where.

Green & Blacks - A UK based chocolate company, although being owned by Kraft they offer a different take to the commerical approach producing a range of more elegant looking bars and boxes of chocolates.

Harry Specters - Cambridge based social enterprise chocolate company, helping those with autism whilst producing delicious sleek artisan chocolates.
Hotel Chocolat - Uk Chocolatiers,  own their own plant in St Lucia along with a Tasting Club and a Hotel! Produce a wonderful range of novelty chocolates, bars & filled chocolates, yet to find a product of theirs I really dislike.

House of Dorchester - A British chocolate company with an excellent range of products from chunky chocolate blocks to hot chocolate; tasty but accessible.

Hugo & Victor - French chocolate company, sell their chocolates in lovely little book style boxes, high end, lovely finishes, delicate delicious chocolates.

Iain Burnett - Also known as the Highland Chocolatier, located in Scotland, his range of chocolate products are of the finest quality and really accentuate gourmet luxurious chocolate.
James' Chocolates - A British chocolate company based in Sussex, produces wonderful novelty chocolates & bars without comprimising on flavour.

Jeff de Bruges
- A French chocolatier making Belgian chocolates, a chain store, in between a Thorntons and a Hotel Chocolat, haven't found anything particularly amazing in the products.

Jon L Stopay - An American "candy" producer based in Pennsylvania,  haven't been particularly impressed with anything, all seems a bit artificial.

Just Brownies - A British Brownie company producing a range of moist delicious fun flavoured brownies at reasonable prices.

L'Artisan du Chocolat - A UK chocolatier producing a range of classic and different chocolate products, something a bit different, not one to buy for yourselves but good for a present.

Lake Champlain - Gourmet chocolates from Vermont, a wonderful range and from what I've tried completely delicious!

Leonidas - Started out as a Belgian chocolate company but now can be bought all over the world, from what I've tried quite average and expected a lot more.

Lindt - Swiss commercially fine chocolate, my favourite of the commercial stuff I would say, just due to it's "commercial weakness" if you will, produce a range of bars/filled chocolates & of course the famous seasonal figurines.

Luckys London - A completely unique company, based on Alice and Wonderland, creating brownies/cakes with a range of fillings coated in Valrhona chocoate, unique & delicious. Perfect for a little treat!

Madécasse - An American chocolatier that use the finest beans from Madagascar, not only extremely ethical but the bars they produce are of a superior delicious quality.

Maestrani - A Swiss chocolate company, don't have a huge range of chocolates, just bars, average quality, nothing special.

Martha & Lulu - Northern based small chocolate producer, handmade, fresh great quality chocolates.

Mast Brothers - Artisan chocolate from Brooklyn, New York, a range of unique flavour combinations normally executed to the highest quality.

Michel Cluizel - French Chocolatiers, produce a wide range of bars & filled chocolates, only tried one of their bars, but is divine, a gourmet chocolatier.

Miss Coco - An independent girly chocolate company based in Glasgow, focusing on pretty pink girly chocolates, quite commercial but perfect for the girly ones of the family.

Moko Chocolates - A mail order chocolate company, very commercial, poor quality chocolates, not to my tastes.

Montezuma's - English Chocolatiers, quite commerical & sweet but also really tasty, some of their bars are delicious and perfect for someone wanting something tasty but not too expensive.

Moo Free Chocolates - A range of chocolates made for people suffering from lactose intolerance, quite commercial tasting chocolate but perfect for kids with their cute stories & pictues based on the packaging.

Moser Roth - Store brand chocolate from Aldi - surprisingly good quality and really good value for money!

Neuhaus - Another Belgian chocolate company producing good substantial chocolates, for anyone who likes chunky, creamy satisfying Belgian chocolates this is certainly a company for them to try!

Nutritious Delicious - A British chocolate company making chocolate even better for you! Producing truffles enriched with various health related properties and taste great too!

Paul A Young
- London based chocolatier famous for his delicious dense brownies, amazing filled chocolates and delightful bars. A range of unique and classic flavours.

Pierre Marcolini - High end Belgian chocolatier; dainty chocolates that deliver delicate well balanced flavours, not your typical Belgian chocolates.

Plush Chocolates - English Organic & Fairtrade Chocolate Company, selling a range of filled chocolates/chocolate petals/disks etc, very commercial tasting, pretty to look at but don't really pack a whole lot of flavour.

Pour Toi  - A new British Artisan Chocolatier, launched only in 2010, produce a range of chocolates suitable for vegans & lactose intolerance sufferers, excellent quality boxed chocolates.

Prestat  - British Chocolate Company, look beautiful, but don't really offer much on flavour, not worth the money in my experiences so far.

Puccini Bomboni - A dutch based chocolatier producing a range of larger than normal filled chocolates, extremely satisfying and the gianduja is to die for!

Recchiuti  - Based in San Fransisco, Recchiuti produce a range of bars, filled chocolates & different "snacks". From what I've tried seems to be pretty nice stuff!

Ritter Sport - The major German commercial chocolate company, so much better than the likes of the commerical companies over here, producing a wide range of square filled chocolate bars. Cheap & yet so tasty with such a wide range.

Rococo - Chocolate Company based in London, love their range of novelty products, but also offer a range of Artisan Bars & filled chocolates, offer a completely different approach to the chocolate market & always packaged beautifully.

Rogue Chocolatier - A bean to bar chocolate company based in Minneapolis that pride themselves on making bars of chocolate using superior cocoa.

Senz - A relatively commerical Belgian chocolate company that produce a range of products, their filled chocolates were good but other products have been horrific.

Sunshine & Butterflies - A new chocolate company to hit the scene based in London selling a range of boxed chocolates online.

Taza - An American chocolate company producing chocolate based on old Mexican traditions, completely different to anything I've tried before and a unique experience!

The Chocolate Moon - A mail order chocolate company, extremely disappointing and quite expensive in terms of what you get.

The Chocolate Smiths - Northern chocolate company producing a range of innovative flavoured bars, really good and reasonably priced.

The Chocolate Tree - Edinburgh based chocolatiers, a travelling chocolate company, produced a range of high quality bars & a selection of filled chocolates, excellent quality chocolates that deliver on not only flavour but also appearance, well worth a try.

The Chocolate Wizard - A chocolate company set up by a young teenage boy producing his own chocolates and selling them online, definitely somewhere to watch in the future.

The Grown Up Chocolate Company - Producing a range of mail order monthly chocolates & unique chunky bars akin to Snickers, Bounty etc this UK based chocolate company is appealing to adults who enjoy their chocolates!

Thorntons - Commercial British chocolate company, starting to expand into different ranges with their new Choc Blocks range but yet to find any of their products I really enjoy.
Valrhona - French Chocolatiers, producing a range of single origin bars & filled chocolates, one of the nicest chocolates I have tried so far, amazing.

Venchi - An Italian chocolate company producing the most delightful gianduja I have yet to taste, also produce a range of bars, filled cigars and various other products.

Vosges - An American chocolate company renowned for their Chocolate & Bacon Bar, produce a range of odd flavoured bars that surprisingly work, definately one to try.

William Curley - A British chocolatier that sells online and has various shops in London, produces a range of pastries, bars and filled chocolates. Delicious and of excellent quality.

Zotter - An Austrian chocolate company that produce a range of wild and wacky bars that sometimes work and sometimes don't!